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An oracle can be a company or a person that gives well advises and is a source of predicted and smart opinion. It can also be clairvoyance or a discovered forecast of the future, from some godhead, that is told by a human or in some way like propitious omen or augury.

In the ancient times it was very prestigious to distribute oracular wisdom. These people began to get recognized as "oracles," and their statements became known as khresmoi in Greek. Also they started to have the same name which is obtained from a verb orare that means in Latin “to speak”.
Cleromancy is such a form of augury that includes the act of casting lots or bones and sometimes stones like in lithomancy, where the result is defined by chance or by occasion. Also it considers rolling of dice, it can be thought that it is saying of God or some other supernatural organism.

The intention of this Oracle is to give you the respond, which can not only be yes or no. It can be an answer that can help you to decide what to do in this situation or choose number and color oracle. When you addressed to Oracle, you may not do what it said, or agree with the response you got. You just have to think why you asked this particular question and what you want to hear from the Oracle.


Ya or Na

If you are doubt about the decision you take, you can just choose a common answer by pushing the button "no" or "yes".
"Yes or No" means the same like Ya or Na? There’re so many times in our life when we have to take a decision. Some of them can do fine and some can make worse. Usually we have to take these decisions by ourselves, without letting anyone influence it. It often happens that we hesitate very much and we call for someone to just say a simple word. Yes or No. The tone of your voice can influence on person’s answer. Moreover the response can depend on the mood of the person at that time.


Free Yes or No Oracle

What we can advise you to get an honest random answer Yes or No? It is very easy. You can just ask a computer. It doesn’t have feelings, it just answers yes or no.
We are introducing you a free answers oracle program. It is an honest and fair helper to make a decision. This is a small program that can work out of public view, helping you to respond.
If you're not satisfied with the answer, after you pushed the button, the program can give you a second chance. But you have to be careful not to mess with your fate. :)
Still if you didn’t like the response you saw, you can just click again on the Free answers orcale program. But may be it is time to stop, because you already know what to do?
The fact is that we do not take responsibility for the answers machine made. We are just giving you a response Yes or No. Frankly speaking our lawyers spend countless time and effort deciding whether it is necessary to have this disclaimer. At first we thought Yes, then No, then after lots of thinking we decided Yes.