Numerology Numbers Related to Health

The value of being healthy can't be underestimated. There are plenty of factors that influence our health; some are easy to notice, while others are not. Therefore, it can be very helpful to know ahead about possible weaknesses in our health and how to keep ourselves from diseases. Numerology health numbers is a great source of information on this matter.

In this section we will consider numbers from 13 to 16.

Number Thirteen
Basically, 13 means that decent health condition will be preserved as long as common precautions and care are observed. This number ensures you’re full with vitality (what we usually refer to as “life force”) and have a physically strong body. Stay reasonable and practical in concerns of meals and drinks, and your health should be ok.

The downside of health numbers is that they usually cause a considerable appetite, and so the person should control himself or herself to avoid getting overweight. Promiscuity in meals may lead to abscesses and similar diseases, too.

Number Fourteen
As long as you stay in boundaries of moderation your health is preserved at a decent level. You’re given a well-shaped body, which basically is a sign of a healthy condition. However, you can be affected by diverse kinds of ailments at times you are unwell.
Sign ‘14’ is responsible for the backbone, the blood, and the heart. Particularly, it rules over the spine’s dorsal vertebrae. Persons of this sign are susceptible to feverish sicknesses, which can harm the mentioned anatomic structures. Unmeasured exhilaration and excessive action can overload the heart.

Number Fifteen
Not really a good numerology numbers in terms of health condition for the reason it implies vulnerability to chills and malnutrition both at young and mature age that comes from neglecting. Also, this number implies liability to being hurt because of falls (either you fall, or something drops at you). Bruises and even bone breaks occur more than once in a lifetime; this goes for legs especially.

Another disease to take preventative measures against is rheumatism, danger of which is localized at one’s knees. On the other hand, number 15 means that its owner has a good grip on his or her life, which makes for longer active period of life and bigger duration. The later part of life is likely to pass without serious health problems under condition that normal care is exercised.

Number Sixteen
Sixteen stands for highly developed muscle tone and the athletic body structure. Basically, the health is quite strong and protected by decent immune system. But at the same time there still is susceptibility to feverish diseases, especially in cases of far travels over different climate zones. The risk of cuts and wounds exists as well, localization is found at the upper part of body. The owner of number 16 should always keep safety in mind and take special care while working with machinery and cutting instruments.

As you can see, health numbers help us use numerology forecast for detecting possible problems with our health well ahead of the time it actually starts to happen. So, analyze the condition and potential of your health and observe preventive recommendations.