Why the name of Hannah Montana was changed to Miley Cyrus?

The real name of Hannah Montana, a well known Disney star and recording artist is Destiny Hope Cyrus, only in 2008 when Hannah Montana was 15 she decided to formally switch her name to Miley Ray Cyrus.

If you ask her parents they will say that they named her Destiny Hope believing that their little girl will achieve a lot of goals in her life. When starlet was little she smiled a lot that is why they used to call her "Smiley", later this nickname was modified to "Miley". Finally her name became 'Miley Ray' Cyrus as she admires her parental grandfather Ronald Ray Cyrus, who is a Democratic politician.
I paid attention to this because my dad’s name was Donald Ray. I really adored him and my grandfather's name was Ernest Ray. Since I work as a Numerologist, it aroused a great interest in me. In some measure because half of my work comprises assistance to people that want to change their names "knowingly" using Numerology to get all advantages of new name.

And in some measure because Miley has already validated her parents’ twinge of intuition. It is for sure that she was born to be a star.
She was on the 4th place in the Billboard’s top of the best selling female artists and on a 5th place in top of the best-selling singers at the beginning of 2010.
Forbes magazine informed that she makes about $25 million. That could pronounce her as the richest teenager in the world.
You would be really surprise if we begin to study what Numerology discovered about what Miley’s name changing caused.

For the beginners it is valuable to know that number one is a number of her numerology Life Path 1. This number is in her date of birth and it implies that the person with such Life Path is an individual and innovator that breaks new ground.


Also it could sound ironic, the name 'Destiny Hope Cyrus' given her at birth provides her with another 1 in this key position, that again emphasizes that she is a pioneer, a brave person and a knight of fortune.
Most of the developers, successful wealthy men, front runners, famous artist, and businessmen have 1 numerology name Expression in their key position too. Perhaps this accounts her deep love and connection with her grandfather that is a politician.
It is interesting to know that her Heart Desire number is 6. It means that the most important thing in her life are feelings that come from the heart, the best for her is to be loved and adored and to give her love and kindness to those who need the most, both, people and animals.
So if you get to know that the new name she chose is a 6, with no effort you will see that this name gives her features to express her love and kindness 6 times greater.
So far in this progress of studying Miley, it is more interesting for me to get to know.
I will tell you the matter.
Now Miley is only 17. At this age she has already established an online community for teenagers that want to bring something nice to the world.
A newly registered member is asked to give 7 issues that he wants to assist to resolve and the site proposes him those volunteers that could support him in his question.
The most important thing of this month is assistance to those who are suffering from the Gulf Oil Spill.