I like living in this world!

I like living in this world! I like every day, every week and every month, because all of them teach me, make me stronger, more confident and better-rounded. There are many things and actions which get me enjoyment in my life. For example, I love getting new experience, meeting different people, listening music by various compositors and also I am delighted watching to spring nature.

It makes me happy enough! What particularly? It is not a simple question. Let's start with my attitude to money. Why? Because today there is expression: «If you have money you will have the world in your pocket». I suppose that today people have wrong values, because money play too important role in every life. Yes, they can buy every material things you wanted to have but do you think the really happiness you can buy too? I believe money is a great factor but it can't buy the real happiness you are looking for. What about other little things around you?

Life is too short it's not about money but those little things that make you both happy. We may lack of bucks but we are full of love and happiness that's matters most. What about the greatest values? In my opinion the main value should be the family.


As for me, my family is the first my small world. Often thoughts about my family take me absolutely happy. I love my Mum, Dad and younger brother! I miss to them very much when do not see them a lot of time. I am sure that parents are the most reliable people in your life! Besides, other my small world is my town. Here there is my family, school, my friends, my favorite places – my wealth. I have lived here for 5 years! It is a very ordinary town in the middle of a large region in Siberia with some attractive places, for example, square of Victory, churches and monuments in centre of town. Also it famous for its coal mines. In my town there are a lot of interesting, kind people. I hope that they will make it more attractive.

I have three mine worlds. The first is my family, the second is my town and the third is my country.
I consider that I am quite patriotic person, because I love history of Russian Federation.

Besides there is a real global world, which includes all countries on the planet.
Every of us should understand that all people in the planet are members of one greatest system. Our home is our natural connection to the Earth. However, our modern lifestyle often disconnects us from Earth’s natural elements. Many of us live in a world made of concrete—buildings, paved roads, parking lots and sidewalks—with minimal exposure to simple plants, flowers and trees. We rarely get to experience nature on a large scale- Earth’s beautiful, cascading mountains, vast forests or powerful waterways.

It is necessary to live without different conflicts, but the history shows us that different nations had the wars during long time. I would not to tell about the humanist’s ideas but I hope that you know some criterions which can help you to be a kind person.