The Ugly Truth

Perception Is Everything

Everyone wants to win, be it in debates, campaigns or sports. But who comes out on top has more to do with perception than with right or wrong.
This is where psychology comes into play. The numbers may be on your side, but unless you can appeal to people's emotions, you will lose the Game. This has happened over and over again, so ensure that you do not become another statistic.

Confrontation And Intimidation

Exchanges reveal conflicting points of view with no way to quantify that one is more right than the other. In order to win, you must let the other point of view emerge. Let the other person have their angle. When it is your turn, isolate some key points and take them apart. Attacking an entire position is being negative for the sake of being negative. Take a couple of the more obvious statements and show that you agree with those. This will make others perceive you as fair. After that, when you make your case, it is like catching an opponent off-guard with an upper cut.

Slippery When Wet

The one thing one should never do is to get on the Slippery Slope. The slippery slope is a vicious downward spiral that two sides get into when they wish to win an argument at any cost. The debate may begin on one matter, but then everything and anything under the sun is brought up. Once it gets personal, then you have skidded off the slope into the danger zone.